Product Listing - Baum's Castorine Co., Inc - Inc Oils, Lubricants, And Solvents

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Product Listings
Product Listing - Baum's Castorine Co., Inc - Inc Oils, Lubricants, And Solvents
ImageSpec Sheet
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Oils
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Oils
Tena-Film No. 100-TH Oil
Tena-Film No. 150-TH Oil
Tena-Film No. 2500-TH Oil
Tena-Film No. 300-HTH Oil
Tena-Film No. 300-LTH Oil
Tena-Film No. 300-MTH Oil
Tena-Film No. 400-TH Oil
Tena-Film No. 500-TH Oil
Tena-Film No. 600-TH Oil
Tena-Film No. 75-TH Oil
Extreme Pressure Oils
Extreme Pressure Industrial Oils
Tena-Film No. EP-1000 Oil
Tena-Film No. EP-1400 Oil
Tena-Film No. EP-2500-ST Oil
Tena-Film No. EP-300 Oil
Tena-Film No. EP-300-ST Oil
Tena-Film No. EP-500 Oil
Tena-Film No. EP-500 ST Oil
Tena-Film No. EP-700 Oil
Tena-Film No. EP-700-ST Oil
Recreational Vehicle Products
Castor Additive
Tena-Film All Season 2 Cycle Oil
Castorine Tena-Film Grease Superplex EP-2
Tena-Film Extreme Pressure Greases
Tena-FIlm Grease No. CR 2 EP-ST
Tena-Film High Temperature Grease No. 2500-1
Tena-Film Lube Grease CR-652-ST
Tena-Film Lube Grease CR-653-ST
Tena-Film Moly Compound 03XL
Tena-Film Moly Compound Grade O-23
Tena-Film Moly Compound Grade OCR-23
Tena-Film Multi-Purpose Automotive Grease No. 2500-2-ST
Tena-Film No Melt Grease No. 432
Soaps & Cleaners
A.T. Concentrate All Purpose Cleaner
Allready Pine Cleaner
Baum's Citrus Cleaner
Baum's Gliss Quick Dry - Wax Rinse
Heavy Duty Cleaner No. 150
Heavy Duty Cleaner No. 211-M5
Kleenrinse 627
Presto Liquid Hand Cleaner
Protecto Clean 115
Metalworking Products
Anti-Foam #5
Baum's 200CF Cutting Oil
Coolant Conditioner 122
Dura Cut 8198
Dura Draw 150 Stranding Lube
Dura Draw 205 ARL
Dura Draw 747
Dura Draw 942 Drawing Compound
Dura Quench 460
Macson 180 Cutting Oil
Macson 2000 Series
Macson 2222CF Cutting Oil
Macson 437 Synthetic Coolant
Macson 4495 Cutting Oil
Macson 457 Synthetic Coolant
Macson 606 Extrude Oil
Macson 606AL
Macson Grind 7380AM Oil
RPL (Rust Preventative Lubricant)
Soluble Oil No. 282
Soluble Oil No. 882
Super Sol 684 Cutting Coolant
Super Sol 747 Cutting Coolant
Super Sol 997 Semi-Synthetic Coolant
Wire Drawing Lubricants
Anti-Foam #5
Coolant Conditioner 122
Dura Draw 150 Stranding Lube
Dura Draw 205 ARL
Dura Draw 891 Drawing Compound
Dura Draw 895 Drawing Compound
Dura Draw 898 Drawing Compound
Dura Draw 942 Drawing Compound
Dura Draw 987 Synthetic Lubricant
Dura Quench 437
Dura Quench 460
Dura Quench 505
Macson 606AL
Protecto Clean 115
Release Compounds
Motor Oils
All Fleet Motor Oils
Technilube II Synthetic Engine Lubricant
Tena-Film S.A.E. 15W-40 Universal Engine Oil
Industrial Oils
Castorine Tena-Film ACH Oil
Compounded Cylinder Oil No. 180
Diesel Fuel Conditioner
S-55 Oil
Technilube Synthetic Compressor Lubricant 46AW
Tena-Film ACH 010 Oil
Tena-Film ACH 016 Oil
Tena-Film ACH 022 Oil
Tena-Film ACH 032 Oil
Tena-Film ACH 047 Oil
Tena-Film ACH 070 Oil
Tena-Film Moly Penetrating Oil
Tena-Film No. 900 Compound
Tena-Film No. Hoist Oil
Tena-Film Silent Chain Oil SP-1
Tena-Film Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid
Transmission Fluids
Tena-Film Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid
Tena-Film Universal Tractor Fluid (TDH)
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