Castorine Tena-Film ACH Oil
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Castorine Tena-Film ACH Oil
Product Name:  Castorine Tena-Film ACH Oil

Product Description:  A new generation of thermally stable oils made with an ashless additive system. These new oils contain equal anti-wear properties to the organo-zinc additives without the disadvantage of breaking down under heat. They provide long term oxidation resistance for high-temperature air compressor service. They have excellent demulsibility characteristics so that water entrapped in the oil during service will separate readily and can be drained off without changing the oil. The ACH Oils are made in SIX grades - No.s 010, 016, 022, 032, 047 & 070. All grades are winterized.

Product Specifications:  For additional information, please consult the product specification sheet.

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