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Kleenrinse 627
Product Name:  Kleenrinse 627

Product Description:  Kleenrinse 627 is a liquid cleaner for in-process metal, metal parts and heat trating operations. It is a blend of synthetic surfactants that provide good dispersion and detergency. The particular blend was chosen for its cleaning capacity while being very weak emulsifiers. This allows for an aqueous solution of the cleaner to lift and suspend oil and oily sultions in cleaning processes; while facilitating reclamation of the the cleaning solution with simple skimming tools.

Product Specifications:  For additional information, please consult the product specification sheet.

Product Details:  Kleenrinse 627 is designed to provide extended use cleaning solutions to minimize disposal burden; it does not contain chelants, nitrites or silicates. Recommended use levels are 5% - 10% by volume.

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