Extreme Pressure Industrial Oils
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Extreme Pressure Industrial Oils
Product Name:  Extreme Pressure Industrial Oils

Product Description:  Tena-Film Extreme Pressure Industrial Oils are high gravity oils of 100% paraffin extraction, dewaxed in the refining process to prevent gumming. In the refining stage, only the better molecules of natural paraffin crude are salvaged, leaving a well-balanced, stable chain of molecules that imparts the very maximum amount of anti-wear properties, with much greater lubricity and film strength per grade than other E.P. petroleum oils. Tena-Film Extreme Pressure Oils are therefore more versatile in this application.

Product Specifications:  We currently carry six ISO viscosity grades of extreme pressure oils. These include EP-300, EP-500, EP-700, EP-1000, EP-1400 & EP-2500.

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