Dura Draw 891 Drawing Compound
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Dura Draw 891 Drawing Compound
Product Name:  Dura Draw 891 Drawing Compound

Product Description:  Dura Draw 891 Drawing Compound is a new generation in lubricant chemistry for copper, brass and tin-plated copper wire drawing. It has a biostable synthetic emulsifier system with biostable and oxidation stable performance ingredients. These ingredients were chosen because of their better lubricity and overall performance over conventional fat-soap products. Non-silicine defoamers provide foam control.

Product Specifications:  For additional information about this product, please consult the specification sheet.

Product Details:  Features: The lubricity and wetting characteristics of the product reduces dry copper fines. The capstan surfaces, die throats, and machines stay cleaner. Performance is based on total product concentration and no fat-soap content. Long solution life is built in with biostable additives. Special corrosion inhibitors prevent oxidation of the newly drawn metal surface.

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