Dura Draw No. 2520E
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Dura Draw No. 2520E
Product Name:  Dura Draw No. 2520E

Product Description:  DURA DRAW NO. 2520E is a special drawing oil that was originally developed for Cincinnati Milacron Hydraforms. The main advantage is that it does not affect the rubber diaphragms on the machine as chlorinated products do. Also, if the drawing oil is contaminated with the hydraulic oil, it will not cause deposits or affect seals in the hydraulic system. These basic advantages have lead to its trial and acceptance on all kinds of forming, punching and shearing operations. It was found to increase production and die life with far fewer rejects on aluminum, stainless steel, brass and carbon steel. In some instances on aluminum draws, die-repolishing intervals have been increased from an average of 75 pieces to over 10,000 pieces. DURA DRAW NO.2520E is applied by rolling dipping, spraying or dripping on to the work. It adheres well to the metal for multiple drawing stages, but contains a neutral non-ionic emulsifier for easy clean off in tank cleaning operations or spray washers. The oil is lighter than water and floats to the surface for removal.

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