Dura Draw 942
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Dura Draw 942
Product Name:  Dura Draw 942


Product Description:  
Dura Draw 942 is a high performance, semi-synthetic emulsifiable lubricant designed for
drawing both ferrous and non-ferrous wire.

Dura Draw 942 has a biostable emulsifier system, with biostable and oxidation stable
performance ingredients. A proprietary blend of performance ingredients allow for its use
with multiple metals. These ingredients were selected because of their better lubricity,
stability and overall performance abilities.

Performance is based on total product concentration and not fat-soap content.
Dura Draw 942 is 100% active, allowing for a direct refractive index reading.

Dura Draw 942 has a unique blend of performance additives allowing for maximum
lubricity and detergency at lower concentrations typically required of other compounds.

A proprietary blend of corrosion inhibitors prevents oxidation of the newly drawn metal
surface as well as aid in protecting your machines metal surfaces.

Foam control is provided by a proprietary blend of non-silicone defoamers and anti-foams.

Product Specifications:  


Viscosity @ 100O F., S.U.S. - 475-510 seconds
Specific Gravity, @ 60o C. - .9371
Flash Point, C.O.C. - 310O F.
Appearance - Clear amber liquid
Weight/gallon - 7.80
pH @ 5% concentration - 9.3
Foam, cylinder test - open surface in 20 seconds

Emulsion stability, 400 PPM hard water, 5% dilution, 24 hours NO SEPARATION

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