Macson 121 CF
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Macson 121 CF
Product Name:  Macson 121 CF

Product Description:  Macson 121CF is a chlorine and sulfur free oil used in its neat form for producing armoring cable and flexible conduits.

Product Specifications:  Viscosity @ 100 degrees F = 38 SUS
Flash Poiont = 410 F
Chlorine (% wt.) = 0%
Sulfur (% wt.) = 0%

Product Weight:  7.081 pounds / gallon

Product Details:  Macson 121CF contains new generation extreme pressure additives that will prevent chip welding and provide fine finishes on armored cable and flexible conduit.

Macson 121CF is formulated with a low viscosity base oil to maximize heat removal at the tooling and prevent hot strip in armoring operations. The light base oil allows for a very dry finish even at lower machine speeds associated with smaller packages.

The dry finish on products produced with Macson 121CF allow for subsequent operations without an intermediary cleaning process. Macson 121CF is particularly beneficial for armored fiber optic cable production.

Macson 121CF gives plant personnel a safer alternative to evaporative oils previously used.

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