Dura Draw 4500
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Dura Draw 4500
Product Name:  Dura Draw 4500

Product Description:  Dura Draw 4500 is a high performance cutting and drawing compound developed for use in operations involving very heavy deformations such as fine-blanking and thread or spline rolling. It is also excellent for use on the very hard, heat resistant alloys like berylium copper, discaoly and inconel X.

Product Specifications:  For additional information, please consult the product specification sheet.

Product Details:  Dura Draw 4500 is too viscous for most pumps. It is brush applied to the part being formed or the tool. It is used to aid difficult tapping jobs by brushing it on the tap and then flooding the work zone with an emulsion of one of our MACSON water miscible coolants. This gives the most desirable combination of cooling and maximum film strength and virtually assures longer life for expensive taps, broaches, etc.

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